Ready to crush goals like a Guardian in 2019!? Read this First!

Well, It's a new year, and your still the same. You swear you'll change, this is YOUR year, but is it!? You bet your ass it is! You've come this far and nobody can stop you, except, well.. you. 

So, you plan to Protect your Goals in 2019 and become the best version of yourself, well we are here to help! We have 7 tips to help get you started off the New Year right! 


1. Be specific.

No one can make it to a destination without know where the it is, the same is true with goals. 

Say you plan to lose weight this year you need to be specific with what you mean, if you say "I want to lose weight." or, 'I want to tone up" or even "I want to gain some muscle" you haven't really defined what you want. 

To many people go at there goals with a generalized idea of what they want instead of putting it simply I want to lose 35 pounds, or I want to gain 50 pounds on my squat, etc. When setting a goal you need to be able to measure progress consistently so you will know when you fall off or when your doing right. 


2. Be realistic.

So a lot of times this point can be controversial and I get it, it doesn't sound great in today world of grinding and giving it your all, but for most people it is important to build some momentum early on.

When setting a goal you want to ensure it is something you can actually obtain. Start small, i.e. lose 10 pounds this month. Your goal may be to lose 50 pounds but focus on the smaller pieces of the goal so you can see the progress and build on each one. 


3. Be consistent.

Although it is randomly placed at #3 this may be the most important once you get going. 

It is absolutely critical that you stay consistent!! Notice we did not say perfect, to often we set a standard of our goals and at the first sign of failure we fall completely and allow a small mishap to set us back by months, may even years! 

The best way to stay consistent is to understand and accept that you will have failures, but you cannot focus on these failures. Instead, remind your self of the goal and get back up and keep pushing through!


4. Create a plan. 

"Don't you love it when a plan come together?" - Hannibal, The A-Team 

What is your plan? How will you accomplish your goals? 

We all know it, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. But we so often do not make a real, actionable plan. You can't confidently attack your goals if your going at them blind folded, it is critical that you sit down, take stock and figure out how you will accomplish your plan.

Start by creating three able items you can start implementing everyday to ensure success, I.E, workout for 45 minutes, read 10 pages of a book a day, etc. 

These three, and maybe up to five, but no more, will be your life lines. You will focus solely on your 3-5 goals everyday and if you can accomplish those you will see the results in your expected time.


5. Get help.

How many actually want to admit they need help? Ill give you a hint 0, that's how many.

Your starting down a new path, or a familiar one that you have failed before so what's a way to increase likeliness of success? Find someone who has been down that path, or who is an expert at this topic and stick close to them. Tell them you need their help, I know, at first this seems embarrassing but don't let your pride in the way of your goals. 

You may even think "They don't want to help me though" well i'd bet your wrong, way wrong. Most people who have been done any path of success or study a specific field (finances, personal training, etc.) want to help others and even feel great when asked. 'What if I don't know anyone to ask?" ask us! or follow someone on Instagram, ask if any friends know of someone, do whatever it takes to get the people in your life that can help you accomplish your goals.


6. Stay confident. 

When you first get on the straight and narrow most people, some who are close to you, will be watching and ready to poke fun every time you slip up, or even when you don't. 

Your friends will make jokes because you want to save money instead of going out to eat, or laugh when you eat a salad at lunch, we've all been there before, but you have to stay confident and realize they wish they could do the same. 

When you mess up those same people will be there to point it out and make sure you know you slipped, but your still in control and your going to stay confident and even if it takes longer or you have to make sacrifices you will overcome. You'll even tell yourself, "man, I fucked up, this whole thing is ruined" but it's not. Refocus, and don't stop take it day by day all year long. 


7. Celebrate the W's! 

 Alright, you've defined your goals, been sticking to the plan, and seen some progress so its time to celebrate! 

Our minds work on a reward system and anytime we feed that system we become more likely to desire that behavior. So how should you celebrate? Maybe you've saved some money, or lost some weight, whatever it is plan it out. Go buy some new shoes, or have a nice cheat meal, but the goal here is to not ruin your progress! 

To often we can redo our entire progress with one huge meal, or shopping spree, and it is critical that you have a plan and enjoy it. Reward your mind in a way that's guilt free so you don't feel any remorse for allowing for some needed fun. 

If on the off chance you do go overboard, that's ok too. Remember consistency is key not perfection. Just get back up and keep reaching for your goals. 


8. (Bonus) Be a Guardian.

This is about mindset. As mentioned, people will make fun of you, point out your failures, even if done in a joking manner it hurts. You can't allow that to penetrate your mind, you cant expect them to know how bad you want it, and you cant expect them to hold your hand. 

You have to wake up everyday and determine your in control, no one can make you eat what you don't want, no one can make spend what you didn't plan, no one can force you to do anything, and it is you who is in control. 

Tell yourself every morning, every night, every lunch break whatever, that it is YOUR life and YOU will make of it what YOU want! 

You will Protect your Goals. 



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  • Such an inspiring & encouraging post! Everyone is fully capable of being a Guardian of their dreams/goals!


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