How to get back on track in 2019.

"It's not whether you get knocked down, but whether you get back up that matters." -Vince Lombardi 

In life we all get knocked down, but we have to make the decision to get back up. Here are a few tips to helping you get back on track in 2019. 

1. Your not perfect. 

You're not perfect, and you need to accept that fact. We all slip up and make mistakes, and that's ok but you can't dwell on these mistakes you have to persevere through your own bullshit and keep getting up and trying again. 

Oh, and incase you didn't know all those other people you see living their best lives aren't perfect either, you need to accept that too. This is a huge one because we look on social media and it looks like everyone just has all of their shit together and we suck, but that's not true at all. Remember, those are everyone's highlights and you can't compare that to our bloopers. So stop trying to be the rock when your not. It'll make your life a hell of a lot easier. 

2. Identify your problems. 

So, what went wrong? Why can't you achieve your goals? First, you need to give a real answer to yourself why you fell off in the first place. oh, and you can't use language like "but", or 'if only" or "if that person would just" yea that's right take ownership of your fuck up and move on. 

Clearly something caused you to fall off so let's take dieting as the example here, maybe the problem is that you haven't meal prepped, or you keep telling yourself you deserve that snickers because is it really that bad for you? Or maybe you have had a really long day and don't "feel" like working out, give me a break. 

Listen, your never going to make a positive change with that attitude so if your falling off your diet it's because your not planning correctly and your not sticking to it. 

So are you willing to make the change? Are you willing to give up that coffee with 50g of sugar everyday? or that snickers that you deserve so much because you did cardio the day before? If not stop reading now and accept you love snickers and coffee more then you love your dream bod. You and everyone else around you will be happier for it. 

Stop blaming your will power, honestly, it's not your will powers fault you can't keep it together. Wait, what!? That's right, stop relying on pure will power and instead create better environments and surround yourself with people that encourage, lift up and challenge you to be better.

3. Identify your wins.

 Ok, ok, enough self hating let's get on to the better things. You suck, you get it, but it's not all bad you need to think about somethings that have gone right. Your here, reading this blog to get it together, that's a win! You actually give a fuck! That's a clear sign you care and maybe you are willing to do what it takes to get the results you want. 

Seriously, you need to understand that just being conscious of your goals everyday is a positive, and you have made great leaps and strides even when you don't realize it. 

Making changes isn't easy, if it were everyone would do it. You have decided to make a change in your life and just because you have had some set backs doesn't mean your a failure, it means your trying and that's a hell of a lot more then most can say. 

Grab a pen and some paper and really write down what you have done that has been positive in your life, maybe you had one extra healthy meal this week than ever before, maybe you hit the gym when you didn't feel like it. Those are all wins even if they are small and that amazing feeling you felt knowing you overcame is where you need to live and strive for that feeling every single day. 

4. Make a new plan. 

So, the first plan went to shit, that's ok you'll try again with a new plan. Ask yourself " why didn't the plan work the first time?" And make your adjustments from there. If your first plan was to eat chicken and spinach 6 times a day when you have been smashing beer and pizza for the last six months I hate to tell you but that's a shit plan. 

A good plan would be to just cut out the beer first and make slow changes that will amount to big change. Devise a plan that you truly believe without a shadow of a doubt you can stick with. If you can't eat chicken 6 times a day then why the fuck even try!? 

Regardless of your goals, financial, fitness, spiritual, relational, or whatever, you have to make a plan that will work. First, figure out your desired result and work backward so if you want to lose 50 pounds figure out how you will lose the first 5 and go from there. 

5. Get back to basics. 

Ok, so we need a new plan, great! But what plan do I need now!? Simple, a very simple plan. 

Can you write down what two or three basic things you can do everyday to accomplish your goals?

Lets look at some examples: Instead of saying I need to lose 50 pounds how about saying I need to eat healthy and stick to my meals for the next week with no fuck ups. Or even instead of saying I want to buy a house say I want to stop spending $5 a day on coffee.

Too often we want to complicate the process and establish big huge plans when really we know exactly what it is we need to do! If you want to lose weight then approach every single day with these goals: eat my meals, workout, get to bed on time. Too easy? No, that's what it takes to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle and you know it, so just fucking do it! 

Maybe you want a better relationship. Set goals everyday like this: Tell my significant other I love them, truly engage in conversation about how their day was, and do something that will make their day a little easier. 

The point? With a few small actions every day you can make big changes over time. Stop over complicating it, and do what you know needs to be done. 

6. Focus on habits and longevity. 

So you got your ass kicked a little, felt like a loser, realized you weren't that bad and even made a new plan that is simple and easier then before, so now what? 

I'll make this very clear stop fucking expecting quick results, period. Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle or lose weight? Do you want to save some cash, or be rich in the future? Do you want a great marriage or just good sex tonight? Whatever your goals are you cannot expect quick results, why? Because it's a clear sign your not committed!

Your focus needs to be on creating long term habits and making a change that will last a life time. Here's an example from my own life: I was almost 400 pounds at one point and today I am 270 pounds, seems great right!? Kind of, I have been as low as 250 pounds so 150 total lost but that has taken me 4 years. I see tons of people lose 200 in one or two years but I see a lot put it back on too. 

Do I wish I was leaner and weighed 220 pounds? Hell yea! But am I glad I no longer weigh 385!? Hell yea! The point? I made a decision at the end of 2014 to change, and to change for good. The way I see food, the way I think about exercising the whole damn thing. We won't even talk about the depression and financial situation I was in. 

I made a choice that no matter what I would change and I have, no not as much or as fast as I would like but I changed and I am forever changing and growing as a person and I have no doubts that I will be that lean 220 pounds, but it started with a decision to change for the long term, not just a quick fad diet but a real life long change, and you have to make that decision every single day.

You got this, you're ok just keep going.  

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